e shtunë, 9 shkurt 2008

Reading: The Future Begins

Of interest for anyone who likes pulp:

My friend, Bill Cunningham, writer, filmmaker, and pulp devotee, has a rather fun blog to which he posts musings on such stuff. (He wrote a kind review of Action Speaks Louder, which is how we met.)

He just posted this, and I thought I'd clue all of you in, too. It's a comic (or as he puts it "comic") that he found and likes because of its "sophisticated European graphic album feel." You may like it too:


When you follow the link, you'll find that it is an "interactive PDF."

Now I must admit, when it comes to things digital, virtual, or interactive, I have always had an attitude that might be described as John McClaneish. But this could be interesting.

Or it could be the thing Tom Hanks proposes in Big.

Has the future arrived? Or just the future of 1988?

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Cunningham tha...

I am not absolutely certain, but my nerve endings tell me that this is the herald of Pulp 2.0 -- sophisticated entertainment, digitally delivered at little to no cost everywhere in the world.

Because it is digitally driven, I think we will see a more sophisticated palette of design coming to the term "pulp." Because it is free there's no barrier between the artist and audience. Imagine receiving a link in your InBox every week telling you that you have a comic book or pulp waiting for you to read.

That to me, is exciting.

But first, I wanted to see how far we could reach with this comic via a modicum of marketing on my part (one simple email).


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