e hënë, 2 korrik 2007

We've Got the Wrong George.

If George W. believes the world is a Western, the least he could do is let us keep our Scooter Libby prison movie. While not pardoning Libby, Bush has commuted the 30 months Libby was to serve. Reactions and analysis are starting to come in. So far, my favorite is Josh Marshall's at TalkingPointsMemo. I'll see his conclusion and raise him this: if the conviction should stand, but the sentence was excessive, then how about all those imprisoned on more minor drug offfenses? And isn't this coming from the governor who's executed more prisoners than like, any other?

I saw a disaster of a different sort this weekend:

I was thrilled to see Earthquake on the big screen--and at long last, in Sensurround. I think our ears have been desensitized by home theater, so the effect wasn't as momentous as it would have been in 1974. Still, it was a hoot.

The audience threw itself into the calamity with sheer abandon. Watching Ava Gardner chew what's left of the scenery, and on a beautiful print no less, made for quite a Saturday night.

Of course, the rest of the cast is a treat, as well, including the ever-earnest, ever-trustworthy George Kennedy. Unlike that other George, George Kennedy would not have stolen the election, disregarded the threat posed by al Qaeda before September 11, outsourced the job of capturing bin Laden, barred his critics from reelection campaign appearances, nominated Harriet Meiers, stood by Alberto Gonzales, authorized illegal wiretaps, or brooked the outing of a CIA operative.

George Kennedy would not have let New Orleans fall--and if it had, "You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie" would have instead been, in classic disaster movie tradition, "You knew and you didn't warn anybody!" On the off-chance George Kennedy's integrity flagged, and he commuted Libby's sentence, Kennedy would later exclaim what he exclaims in Earthquake: "Alright, it was dumb, but that's how I figured it!"--words that will never pass the lips of W., self-inspection that will never pass his subconcious.

George Kennedy in '08. He's an even better choice of actor than Fred Thompson. George Kennedy's run could validate that true Republican ideal: meritocracy. Remember, in just four Airport movies, George Kennedy's Joe Patroni went from maintenance supervisor to pilot. Of the Concorde.

And finally, something that wasn't a disaster: my recent book signing went well, and my thanks to those who attended. For proof that it actually happened:

Taking questions...

...Signing copies

UPDATE: I'll be out of town for a few days--off to Columbus, Ohio to visit my wife's family. Then I'll be back to gear up for the last scheduled signing: July 12th at the Borders in Santa Barbara (900 State St, 7pm). Drop by if you can. 'Tis the season to be thinking about action movies, after all.

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Rodrigo tha...

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Rick Andreoli tha...

Congrats on some great blogging. Totally adding you to my list (I'll let my readers know about it all next week when they're back at work!)

Anonim tha...

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